When it comes to carsharing, we've been told we're the real deal. People seem to get that we really care about making the Bay Area a better place to live.

Our Deal

Why the Gorillas and Orange Flags? 

Excellent question! It’s our Guerilla marketing campaign and us putting our stake in the ground on what we believe carsharing can and should be for the Bay Area. It’s also us getting real and having fun with this marketing stuff. 

Why City CarShare? Gorilla

Our sole purpose is to reduce traffic and decrease pollution by making carsharing accessible, convenient, and affordable. We encourage walking, biking, and riding transit over sharing our cars because we do not believe that a decrease in driving threatens our bottom line. We also have great community programs that give back. And all of this isn’t just fluff or nice to read on paper, it’s our actual Mission and it’s what drives us forward.

The Top 5 Reasons We are the Real Deal

Our Mission - Why we exist, and our vision.
Our Team- Who we are and our stories.
Getting RealOur Members - Who they are and their stories.
Our Member Benefits - Deals for being a member.
Our Programs - We give “access to all.”

Your turn.

Make a real, green difference. Join today for convenience, great rates, and Bay Area pride you can’t get anywhere else. Need more information? Check out our member benefits, or discover a plan that’s right for you.

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