A2B eBikeShare Guide

A2B eBike Training Video


  1. Adjust Seat Height
    a. Pull the seat lever outward to loosen the seat post.
    b. Adjust the seat to the desired height.
    c. Tighten the seat clamp and close the lever to lock in the seat’s height.
  2. Place properly fitted bicycle helmet on your head and fasten.

Turning the eBike ON:

  1. Turn on eBike by presenting the eBike’s key fob to the eBike’s LED display.
  2. Check to see that the LED display panel illuminates to tell you that the eBike is ready to ride.
  3. Check battery gauge on the left side of the LED display to make sure you have enough power for your trip.
  4. Locate the MODE indicator on the right side of the LED display so you can identify what pedal assist level the eBike is in during your ride. 
    A2B guide

    click image to download a .pdf of the A2B eBike guide

Note: If the battery is fully charged, the A2B eBike will provide over 30 miles of electric assistance (mileage depends on rider weight, rider input, and terrain). The power should be turned OFF after every ride by presenting the eBike’s fob (not your City CarShare fob) to the LED display to avoid draining the battery.

Using the Lights

  1. Twist the switch on the head light to ON or OFF position.



  1. Turn the knob on the left side of the LED display counter clockwise to change between the different assist modes.
  2. Push the knob in and hold to confirm selection once desired assist level is displayed.
    a. MODE 0 - no power assistance; ride like normal bike.
    b. MODE 1 - minimal pedal assistance; maximum range.
    c. MODE 2 - standard pedal assistance; average range.
    d. MODE 3 - extra pedal assistance; reduced range.
  3. The display will revert to the standard screen when the new level of assist is selected. 

Shifting Gears

  1. Pedal at a steady pace and Twist the shifter on the left side of the handlebar until you find the gear most comfortable for you.
  2. When starting or going up hills:  Twist the shifter on the left side of the handlebar toward you to down shift.
  3. When pedaling at higher speedsTwist the shifter on the left side of the handlebar forwards to up-shift.

Using the Brakes
Try the brakes in a parking lot before riding in traffic.

With both hands on the handlebars, push your body weight back with your arms and evenly apply both brakes.

Note: When you apply the brakes, the power to the motor automatically disconnects. Releasing the brake levers will allow you to resume use of the motor. 


  1. Unlock U-lock with the provided key.
  2. Insert U of U-lock through the opening between the seat tube and battery and around a bike rack. 
  3. Lock the U-lock once the eBike’s frame and bike rack are captured, and store the key.

Note: Make sure you lock the bike frame, NOT the bike wheel to prevent theft. 


  1. Walk the eBike into the Bike Station storefront.
  2. Return the eBike, U-lock, and U-lock key to the Bike Station bike valet. The bike valet will store and re-charge the eBike for you.
  3. Fob out of the fob reader located on the Bike Station valet desk to end your reservation.